Skate (marketed as skate.) is the first installment of the skate. franchise, setting the player in San Vanelona on the quest of being the greatest skater.


The Player, after getting hit by a bus during a skating session, was advised by Giovanni Reda to start becoming a proffessional skateboarder by getting sponsors in the city of San Vanelona by getting coverage, done so by doing challenges. The player gets more famous and famous, being invited in several prestigous events. After such, the player becomes the best skateboarder in San Vanelona. 


The flick-it system, the underlying principle of the skate. franchise, makes your character do tricks by flicking the right analog stick in various directions in order to achieve a trick. For example, flicking the right analog stick up will result in an ollie, while flicking it slight diagonal to the right will result in a kickflip. Using the left and right bumpers of the controller enables the character to hold his board, enabling a variety of grab moves in conjuction with the right analog stick.

Career ModeEdit

The main objective of the game is to get as much coverage as you can by doing challenges scattered in the open world of San Vanelona. Challenges such as photos, videos, deathraces, and contests will grant you coverage. During the quest of getting coverage, the player is also given a chance to be sponsored by various real-life brands, which gives you extra income during the way. The player wins the game when you get massive amounts of coverage and finished all of the required challenges.

Free PlayEdit

This enables you to play as other skaters in an interferance-free zone.

Party PlayEdit

This enables you to play with your other friends in challenges unlock in the


  • ​Photos - Requires you to do a specified trick in the given area, in courtesy of the Skateboard Mag and Thrasher.
  • Videos - Requires you do a specified number of tricks in a small amount of time in any area.
  • Deathraces - Race against other competitors in high-speed races.
  • S.K.A.T.E. - Copy the trick of your opponent until one messes up.
  • Contests - Battle against other competitors in who could get the most points.
  • Pro Challenges - Win against other pros to unlock them and their gear.

San VanelonaEdit

The San Vanelona is an open-world city composed of four districts, the Suburbs, the Rezs, Downtown, and Oldtown.


The Suburbs is composed of several centers ,dried-out pools, and benches available for skating. Notable locations include the Community Center and P.J.'s Mansion.

The ResEdit

The Res includes several downhill tracks for skaters. Notable locations include the Reg's Shop and Art Gallery.


Old TownEdit


The game features several real-life skateboarding proffessional skateboarders and their corresponding sponsors, which includes their board, trucks, shoe, and wheel sponsors.


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