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The fictional city of San Vanelona, or more commonly known as San Van , is closely based on real-world cities like, Vancouver, British Columbia; San Fransisco, California, and Barcelona, Spain. The city is the main setting in all Skate games (exluding Skate 3'). The town is composed of 4 districts called

The Res, Old Town, Suburbs, and Downtown.

Once in a while in Need For Speed Undercover while the player is free roaming around, officers on the police radio will mention that there is an unconscious person is laying down in the middle of the road saying their ID is from this city.

The ResEdit

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The Res is a district consisting of elevated roadways, alleyways, and a place to get speed while going down hill. The Regs Skate-Shop is available to skate if you do The Regs skate contest. The Art Gallery is available to skate when you do The Gonz follow mission when you go further into the story mode.

Old TownEdit

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The Old Town district is the most historic place in the city, consisting of block filled streets and buildings as well as a number of empty pipe lines.


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The Suburbs district is filled with rich homes and alleyways. There are a number of backyard pools in the area. The Community Center and the High school are located here.


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Downtown is filled with urban life style, consisted of buildings, stairs, and rails. There are drugs downtown.

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