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Port Caverton is main setting and city of Skate 3, a skater's haven full of skate spots and skate parks. Unlike San Vanelona, Port Carverton embraces skateboarding and lacks any direct interference to skating. One year after the events of Skate 2,You and Reda decide to move away from New San Vanelona to Port Carverton. Port Carverton loves skateboarding and is called "Center of the Skateboarding Universe." It features three districts, and a Sanatorium located on the outskirts of the city.  


The intro starts off in a forest, with a small radio playing, broadcasting a skateboarding challenge. It says: "Live, tonight! The Legend gets his at the PCU. Be there! Brought you you by 3 energy drink. And that's three, baby!Well, it's finally here, the name we've all been waiting for. Ever since the rumor surfaced the the enigmatic pro-" It's cut off by a hillbilly, (portrayed by Joey Brezinkski) "Shut up, stupid!" His friend (portrayed by Lizard King) replies, "huh?" "See that?" Joey asks. Lizard King gasps "It's the beast man..." Sighing, Joey says "I don't know what it is, but i'm gonna kill it!" He looks through the scope and and sees the Beast Man (portrayed by Chris Haslam) Rubbing his back against the tree. A gunshot rings off and in the distance, a lumberjack (Danny Way) is busy sawing down a tree. The song "Comin' Home" begins to play. Meanwhile, the boss (Terry Kennedy) is yelling through a megaphone. A worker manning a construction vehicle (John Cardiel) knocks him over. He mouths oh f**k, and facepalms. It is also noted he has an eyepatch on his left eye. The logs are loaded up, and a red truck with the logo "Ball's Wood" full of them drives off, with a passenger being Pat Duffy. He looks out the window and sees the two hillbillys tying Haslam to the hood of their car. Dazed, Chris says: "Awesome."  


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