Skate It is a skateboarding video game developed by EA Montreal, Exient Entertainment and EA Black Box for

the Nintendo DS andWii The game is a spin-off of 2007's EA Skate, and the developers have stated that it is not a port or sequel but rather an original game.[2] It was released on November 19, 2008,[1] the day after Tony Hawk's Motion was released on the DS.


Skate It is set in San Vanelona, the same fictional city as the original game although several mysterious disasters (identified as earthquakes in Skate 2) have caused widespread damage and a mass evacuation of the city, leaving the player free to skate alone and undisturbed. They will, however, be able to travel to other cities in the world later in the game.

Because the Nintendo DS and Wii lack the dual analog joysticks that were used for control in the original game, the controls for Skate It were redesigned to take advantage of each platform's respective control methods. For example, the Wii version utilizes the motion sensing of the Wii Remote to control the player's skateboard, with gestures used to perform tricks, while the Nintendo DS version will feature stylus and touchscreen control. The Wii version also features support for the Wii Balance Board.

The Wii version uses a modified version of the original's game engine, and supports 480p and widescreen display options. The Instant Replay feature from the original game will also return. The Wii version will also offer a deep and unique career mode that allows the player to earn sponsors, unlock gear, and travel to places such as London, Barcelona, Paris, Shanghai, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, a first for the series. In addition, a number of offline and online multiplayer modes will be available.

Game LocationsEdit

there are lots of locations in Skate.It, these are:

  • San Vanelona- this is almost the same as in skate one except the city is a wreck from earthquakes
  • London-
  • Paris-
  • Barcelona-
  • San Francisco- this is an indoor skatepark
  • Shanghai-

Skate it
Developer(s) EA Black box
Publisher(s) EA games
Native resolution 480p, 480i
Genre(s) Skateboarding Simulation
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